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At America One Security, we offer several services which are customizable to meet the security needs of each client. Our highly trained personnel come from various backgrounds, including the special operations community, federal and local law enforcement agencies, and executives of corporate America. For more than 17 years, we have delivered security services in California for companies, celebrities, government entities, and various other clients. Request a free initial consultation to help you find the best security solutions for your specific needs.
We specialize in combining our unique expertise in tactical analysis and strategic planning to mitigate risk and to ultimately solve the most complex of problems. At America One Security, we are committed to excellence as well as confidentiality. It is our goal to provide the client with the desired results while achieving peace of mind.
In today’s world filled with growing concern over safety, the need for security in all aspects of life is becoming inevitable, specifically in the workplace. Employers have a responsibility not only to their shareholders but to their employees. We specialize in protecting commercial entities by creating services that fulfill the specific requirements of each one of our clients. Whether we are providing a Director of Security or a complete protective detail, placing armed or unarmed guards, America One Security has you covered.
We provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security personnel conduct foot or vehicle patrols, ensuring all areas are covered at all times. Our clients receive real-time reports, allowing for accountability and ultimately, peace of mind. We work with the following:
The 2018 National Retail Security Survey, released by NRF in the spring of 2018, showed shoplifting — including Organized Retail Crime — as the top source of inventory shrinkage for the fourth year in a row. We recognize your unique security needs and have decades of experience providing highly skilled security professionals who will respond to threats toward people and infrastructure. Our personnel are trained in the prevention of workplace violence and active shooter preparedness, making them essential assets to your business. When you hire America One Security, you inherit a team of subject matter experts who possess an invaluable amount of emergency response training and protocols—people who are committed to safety and who can competently manage crisis
Our Executive Protection Agents are highly trained to ensure that you and yours remain safe in any environment. Our team members come from various backgrounds including military and law enforcement and have extensive experience in austere environments. Their expertise allows you to rest assured, knowing that you will be safe no matter what the situation. Count on us for the following:
Information is power, and investigations are the vehicle in which that power is delivered. Information can be your most valuable resource. Obtaining information requires unique skillsets in the areas of surveillance, target acquisition, and intelligence gathering. Investigations are an essential tool for individuals and organizations to practice proactive behaviors regarding safety and security. Skilled investigators can be the tip of the spear for organizations wishing to safeguard themselves from threats and vulnerabilities, both internally and externally.
Confidentiality is a paramount part of any security operation, particularly when that operation is investigative. Our investigators are trained to acquire information while divulging none. Our personnel are empathetic to our clients’ situations and will do whatever is lawfully within their power to aid in the discovery of information.
At America One Security, we provide various types of investigative services that can help safeguard your assets:
Our focus in on the well-being of the client. We achieve and maintain this through proper planning, flawless execution, and continuous management. Every entity, no matter the size, needs a comprehensive security program in place—a program that is continuously updated to ensure it remains ahead of potential issues. This program needs to address all areas of the organization’s safety and security, from policies addressing day-to-day operations, to detailed emergency plans covering the management of crisis. Our consultants can provide various services:
While security and the preparation for violence are a necessity in today’s society, particularly for public figures, the prevention of violence is always the ideal outcome. This calls for effective Threat Assessment and Management. Threat Assessments are aimed at gathering information necessary to determine if an individual poses a threat. For this reason, it is imperative that all communications and interactions with the subject be documented and processed by Threat Assessment and Management professionals.
At America One Security, our Threat Assessment & Management team can develop a comprehensive program to identify potential threats and successfully mitigate those threats to allow for continuity and peace of mind.
Security needs to be a proactive activity, not a reactive one. Having 24/7 security personnel on site is a great—and necessary—start to taking a proactive interest in the protection of people, property and assets. However, in the event of an emergency, you will need as many security-minded—and trained—individuals as possible. The best way to achieve this is by conducting routine training for your people, creating a security-minded atmosphere, with as many force-multipliers as possible. At America One Security, we provide various types of training, including:
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