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We work with a variety of clients throughout California and Pennsylvania to solve different security challenges, reduce threats, and protect lives and assets. Our security officers are trained continuously to maintain industry-specific safety and security standards. We specialize in four key industries, but we also adapt our expertise to serve new industries and their unique security needs.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities face security risks, including theft, fraud, cyber threats, violence, and missing persons. At America One Security, our healthcare officers are ready in the event of an emergency or disaster; they are appropriately trained and prepared to perform their job. We incorporate foot and mobile patrols and provide personnel at perimeters to ensure the protection of staff, patients, and visitors.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Warehouses and distribution centers are frequent targets of burglary, theft, and pilferage. America One Security understands the ins and outs of warehouse and distribution centers and the security needed to assure loss prevention, inventory management, emergency response, life safety, and evacuation. You can’t afford to have a weak link in your supply chain. Rely on a security provider that keeps your supply chain moving.

Construction Sites

Theft and vandalism cost the construction industry billions of dollars each year. For that reason, we provide multiple levels of protection to improve the security of your job sites. Our security officers are trained to protect construction sites and facilities from unwanted visitors, vandalism, and theft. You can also scale our services to match your needs with capabilities like alarm monitoring, drive-by patrol services, alarm response, on-site security, and more.


The first goal of many industrial manufacturing facilities is safety. Common threats to industrial plants are workplace threats, violence, theft, counterfeiting, vandalism, and trespassing. Our security professionals understand that ensuring that all facilities are safeguarded is vital to running a successful and profitable business in manufacturing. Our focus is to detect vulnerabilities and prevent intrusion to your facility.

PROTECTING BUSINESSES in california & pennsylvania

Businesses today are facing all kinds of security challenges, so you need a security provider that understands your industry and implements the right measures to protect the lives and assets of your workplace.

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