When hosting a special event, consider the time and energy you have or will invest in ensuring the event is a success. Consider the attention to detail. At America One Security we will invest the same time and effort in ensuring that your event is safe and secure. After all, when it comes to special events, the event cannot be a success if the safety and security of each guest are not guaranteed.


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3 facts you should know about event security

1. The safety & security of your guests rests on your hands.

Hosting a special event is a huge commitment, one in which you spare no expense to ensure your guests have a great time. It is also a huge responsibility, as the safety and security of those in attendance now lie in your hands. As a guest, you are not concerned about the safety of an event, because you naturally assume that the host has it taken care of. As the host, you can make no assumptions, including that the venue has the security handled. For this reason, you need to hire a security firm—more specifically, the right security firm.

2. Your security team is an extension of your staff

The security team assigned to your event needs to be of the highest caliber, displaying the appearance and professionalism that reflects the importance of your event. Remember, your security personnel will be a direct reflection of you as the host. Your security team is an extension of your staff; therefore it is imperative that they be mature, well-spoken, well-dressed, and well-managed.

3. There is a special security protocol involved

Event security begins with access control. Special events are financial commitments for the host as well as the guests. Therefore, access needs to be restricted to those authorized to attend. Placement of primary access points to ensure the ability to effectively deal with unauthorized individuals is essential. Additionally, accountability of all potential access points is of extreme importance. Event security begins with access control, and access control begins with proper planning. Detailed threat and vulnerability assessments of the venue in preparation of the event is crucial. This requires a security firm with strong analytical capabilities and a unique understanding of risk management.

Our Services

At America One Security, we offer several services which are customizable to meet the security needs of each client. We specialize in combining our unique expertise in tactical analysis and strategic planning to mitigate risk and to ultimately solve the most complex of problems. At America One Security, we are committed to excellence as well as confidentiality. It is our goal to provide the client with the desired results while achieving peace of mind.

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Why Work With Us

Since 2002, America One Security has protected the life, property, and assets of those within the entertainment industry and Fortune 500 companies. Our team of experts has served in various communities to include military, law enforcement, and the private sector. America One Security’s mission is to provide its clients with innovative and strategic solutions in response to the complex situations faced each day.

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To keep your event, and your guests safe call America One Security today to talk to one of our private security professionals. Don’t wait until something bad happens -- it is our job to keep bad things from happening so that you can go on living your best life.